Gifts from "Biblusi" bookstore chain


Gifts from
"SOS Children's Village of Georgia" was visited by the bookstore chain "Biblusi" and was gifted with almost 400 books - including: encyclopedias and various types of stationery items.
Head of marketing department of "Biblusi" bookstore, Tiko Peikrishvili, stated that one of the main objectives of the company is to increase access to the books. SOS Children's Villages Georgia is one of the largest organizations in the world.

"The social responsibility carried out by" Biblusi "bookstore is really important for us. "SOS Children's Villages Georgia" "We are glad that we were able to make a small contribution to these children," said Tiko Peikrishvili.
Beneficiaries of SOS Children's Villages Georgia were awarded with different series and genres of literature.
Amongst the bestsellers were Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Francis Scott Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby", Marcus Zusak's "Book Thief" and many more.
"As you are aware, when they are a child, especially when they are children, when they have the opportunity to read books, to get to each other in the world of books." Thanks to "Biblusi" representatives for this initiative and a great gift "- said Irine Bekuridze, alternative care leader of SOS Children 's Villages Georgia Tbilisi Program.
Tamar ModeDadze - PR Manager of the organization also thanked bookstore "Biblusi" representatives for their support and said that a special gift for children. Especialy during summer vocations period. 
"Biblusi" has made a great gift to us - 400 books and stationery. I would like to use  this occasion and thank them once again, and  encourage other organizations to engage in such charitable activities and share corporate social responsibility ".
"Biblusi" unites 56 stores across Georgia and actively engages in charity activities.