Guidelines: “Intervention Based on Family Needs” and “Anti-bullying Program”


Guidelines: “Intervention Based on Family Needs” and “Anti-bullying Program”
SOS Children’s Villages Georgia constantly cares about the qualification of its employees and provides the materials and for development of high-quality services in the childcare field.
Recently there was created two practical guidelines: “Intervention Based on Family Needs” and “Anti-bullying Program”, aimed for psychologists, social workers and specialists working in the childcare field.

The guideline “Family Needs-Based Intervention” is created with the financial support of SOS Children’s Villages Austria and Austrian Development Agency.  We aim to help specialists improve their professional skills to work better with vulnerable families.  It focuses the methods and techniques described in the guideline on detection of the dysfunction of vulnerable families, development an open communication model for family members and recognition of the dysfunction by family members on their own. Each technique and method has both diagnostic and therapeutic loads.

As for the “Anti-bullying program, it discusses issues such as violence, abuse and humiliation among children. The guideline includes information about risk factors and recommendations for bullying prevention and accurate acknowledgment. An important part of the guideline is practical exercises and group work techniques that enhance awareness of children and staff, which helps with preventing bullying.  It is ultimate to avoid any kind of violence while offering a home environment for children deprived of parental care.