What We Do

We help socially vulnerable families care for their children.
We provide quality alternative care for children who cannot live with their biological families.

Family Strengthening Program 1

Loving and caring family is crucial for a child’s physical, psycho-emotional and social development. Every child needs family environment which will support the child’s healthy development.
The main goal of the Family Strengthening Program is to support socially vulnerable children and their families so that children can grow up within a caring and safe family environment. The organization is focused on strengthening family support networks.
The target group of Family Strengthening Program includes children under 18 years of age and their parents who are in need of support due to various social factors.
Family Strengthening Program offers different types of services to beneficiaries:

Psychosocial support;
Employment and self-employment support;
Day care centers for children of different age groups;
24 hour Mother and Child Shelters;

Currently, the Family Strengthening Program provides services to 1024 children throughout the country. 

Family Strengthening Program

Alternative Care 2

Every child has a right to grow up in a caring family environment. However, if it is impossible for a child to grow up in a biological family, it is necessary to provide children and young people deprived of care with alternative care services. Therefore, we offer them family-based care - loving, caring and safe environment.
Our goal is to help children and young people deprived of parental care create and form their own future. We provide an opportunity to children to develop stable relationships in a family-based environment and realize their potential based on their interests and abilities. In addition, we help children receive education, expand practical knowledge and become full-fledged members of the society.
In terms of alternative care, the organization offers children and young people deprived of care the following services:

  • Small Group Homes;
  • Youth Homes;
  • Semi-Independent and Independent Living Programs.
Currently, within the frames of alternative care, services are provided to 238 children and young people throughout the country.

Alternative Care



  • Tbilisi
    Family Strengthening Project, 9 Small Group Homes, Youth Home, Semi Independent and Independent Living Programs for Young People
  • Zestaphoni
    Small Group Home
  • Sachkhere
    Small Group Home
  • Ambrolauri
    Small Group Home
  • Kutaisi
    2 Family Strengthening Projects, Day Care Center for Children (1-3 years), Mother and Child Shelter, 13 Small Group Homes
  • Khoni
    Small Group Home
  • Chkhorotsyu
    Small Group Home
  • Zugdidi
    Family Strengthening Project, Day Care Center for Children (6-18 years)
  • Tsalenjikha
    2 Small Group Homes