About Us

SOS Children’s Villages International is an international organization which has member organizations in the form of National Associations in 135 countries.
Association SOS Children’s Villages Georgia is a non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity which has been operating in Georgia since 1989 in the field of child welfare.

  • Assosiation

    Association "SOS Children's Village of Georgia" is a non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity, which has been working in child welfare field in Georgia since 1989.

  • Our Vision

    Every child should grow up in the family with love and respect and should have safe and secure environment.

  • Our Mission

    We strengthen families for the well-being of socially vulnerable children and children deprived of care. We help them build their own future and relationships within their community. 

  • Our Values

    Courage: We take action. Commitment: We keep our promises. Trust: We believe in one another. Accountability: We are reliable partners

  • Key Messages

  • Zugdidi Family Strengthening Project Newsletter

  • Guidelines of Alternative Care

  • A loving home for every child

  • Newsletter (GEO)

  • Guidelines on Children's Reintegration

  • Child Rights Situation Analysis

  • Ending institutionalization and strengthening family and community based care for children in Europe and beyond

  • Annual Report 2018

  • Newsletter N2 / Family Strengthening Project 2017-2018

  • Zugdidi Family Strengthening Program 2017-2019

  • Thematic Areas in Early Educational Institutions

  • YouthCan Report 2019

  • Annual Report 2019

  • Activities for 6-18 age kids and teenagers (Geo)